17 February 2007

Take One

With much trepidation, I have decided to begin a cinema blog. Ego accounts for 75% of this decision, but another quarter comes from a genuine sense of duty.

Last month Dave Kehr noted off-the-cuff in his blog:
I have problems with many of the younger Internet writers, who don’t seem to have seen any movies older than they are. I still think the only way to become a productive critic is to absorb as many movies as possible: you get the feeling that many of the Internet boys (and boys, of course, they mainly are) think that Michael Mann invented deep focus or that Terrence Malick invented associative montage. This is not a function of age but of commitment: if you love your art, eat it up.
Gender and age are not mutable, but taste and interest certainly are. This blog will largely chronicle my musings after random screenings with an emphasis on the historical implications of film style. Watch this space for a long post on the films of Maurice Tourneur in the next few days.


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